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Posted: July 06 2019

How I got a free ticket to one of the most exclusive parties in the world

Back in 2008, I was new to Los Angeles, the people and the vibes surrounding them. Although I was anticipating great changes, I managed to keep my mind calm and my heart open to new experiences. However, never in a million years had I thought my life would take such a interesting turn.


Here I was, in Los Angeles – the city where life happens. I had every opportunity at my more

Posted: April 29 2018

The therapy of a garden

I have been taking in some garden therapy lately, I have a small garden but I really wanted to maximize the space- so I started thinking about what I could do with it. Having a lot of concrete I decided to take it out and replace it with soil for new plants to grow in, I also wanted to create a mud garden for my little one.

I went to home depot and brought a sledge hammer to break up more

Posted: April 17 2018

Dreams can come true


Eight years ago I made a documentary with an amazing crew about the journey of some wonderful children from an orphanage in Thailand, it also followed the story of 40 volunteers who went to try more

Posted: April 02 2018

Mighty Warrior Training

My darling daughter Lilah is the inspiration behind Le Petit ChouChou, when Lilah had a terrible accident almost 2 years ago, our world was shattered- she was young and her spirit was just developing. She was a confident, happy-go-lucky child.

After months of recovery and when her scars began to heal I decided to take her to Disneyland to try and inject some fun into back into her more

Posted: January 10 2018

The Show must go on

Well I have just returned from an awesome (Albeit tiring) trip to New York City.

Most flights were cancelled due to the East coast Blizzard, but thanks to American airlines I was able to get in a day early and still make the show.

Le Petit ChouChou showed for the first time at the Children's Club fashion show at the Jacob Javits center, the energy was amazing- there were some more

Posted: December 22 2017

Where there is a will there is a way....

Well its been a wonderful Christmas period, of course the holiday festivities have been keeping me busy, but in a rare day off I was able to get something great accomplished.

My New York show will be in less than a week and I was trying to brainstorm a good way to showcase my little baby Chou Chou's.

I have never exhibited before, but what I do know is that I will have a 6 more